I Grow Chicago is championing a movement of systemic change in the Chicago, USA area-and using data to improve service delivery & outcomes.

I Grow Chicago is passionate about making lasting change in their community. The organization recognizes trauma as the result of environmental, intergenerational, and systemic harms that must be healed from the root. They are using Impact Atlas to ensure all team members and separate efforts can remain coordinated around the most important element — change in individual lives. 

I Grow Chicago is partnering with Impact Atlas to align and track programs in their holistic programming, part of a larger movement for systemic change in the Chicago Area.

The I Grow Chicago motto: If in Doubt, Love.

Photos courtesy of Audrey Teo

Through holistic and individualized case management, Community distribution, and Youth Education I Grow Chicago creates a replicable model of building vibrant, healthy communities.

More than 30% of Chicago, Englewood residents don’t have a high school diploma, and the per capita income is $10,559. The majority of the adults I Grow Chicago serves are jobless, previously incarcerated, experiencing housing instability, and have low levels of educational attainment. Yet, they still need to feed their families. With a background and no state ID, the odds are stacked against them.

Impact Atlas will be the technology support for I Grow Chicago’s two main programs: “Strive to thrive”, their holistic and individualized case management as well as “ Born to Thrive”, their youth development program. The platform will support with a birds-eye view across all separate efforts. Measuring separately youth progress, family progress, distributions, events, family social determinant, as well as program efficiencies to ensure that they continue to deliver the best programs for their community.

“Sometimes, to solve big problems you have to start with one step”

I Grow Chicago’s approach in their own words: “Want to stop the violence? Start by providing diapers and soap, and you help take away the need to sell drugs to care for families. Want kids to go to school? Make sure they have clean clothes and hygiene supplies so they can walk confidently into the classroom. Get to the root of issues and you can help people bloom.”

I Grow Chicago supports challenges that the Chicago residents face daily, things many other people take for granted — like a small fee for an application or being able to pay for transportation before a first paycheck, knowing what to wear for an interview or affording a required work uniform.

“If we want to create wellness and safety for our children, we have to access their parents and families. If we want our adults to put the guns down, we have to give them something else to pick up. At our first summer camp, we learned that basic needs are all too often considered luxuries. We asked our kids, “Who has brushed their teeth today?” It turned out that no one had a toothbrush and toothpaste. We realized that while we ask our kids to show up at school, test well, and live up to their fullest potential, they often don’t have the foundation or resources to show up for the world. Our mentorship and supportive services programs began with that understanding — we would be a place where people could always come and get their basic needs met with dignity.”

Photos courtesy of Audrey Teo

At Impact Atlas, we are thrilled to support an outcome-driven organization like I Grow Chicago. 

It is a blessing to work with teams that have the drive to continue to improve their program delivery and use data to LEARN how they can best support their community. Thank you for all you do!

For more information about I Grow Chicago — Please visit their website at https://www.igrowchicago.org/