Intelligent data to enhance your program

Far beyond M&E, Impact Atlas enhances your programs at every stage of delivery.

Configurable staff hierarchies and permissions

Configure dashboards to match your organization's unique management and staffing model to ensure proper access at all times.

Easy to use, drag and drop form builder

Easily concept, build and deploy simple surveys to your team all over the world, within minutes.

Configurable geographical hierarchies

Customize your program hierarchy to align with country, regional, and local structures.

Indicator selection and set up

Choose from a bank of standard indicators and configure each to meet your unique program needs.

Multilingual support

Choose the language you want for both the mobile app interface and to conduct surveys.

Workflows by groups and cohorts

Categorize participants into multiple workflows to facilitate different treatment pathways and cohort timelines.

Participant registration and verification

Define and customize participant criteria, enable automated verification, or configure required manual verification process.

Designed for offline environments

Collect high quality data anywhere, anytime — no internet required. Sync your data whenever you connect with the internet.

Multiple data entry formats

Collect any type of data from simple questions to complex group questions. Collect signatures, barcodes, QR Codes, OCR, photos, videos, audio recordings, geolocation/GPS mapping, and various other types of media.

Skip Logic, data pre-population and validation

Smart surveys leverage previously and currently collected data to ensure data capture is fast and results in high integrity inputs.

Track training, attendance and curriculum completion

Easily track the progress of your participants engaged in training activities, spot trends in attendance numbers and track individual curriculum completion

Automatic scoring

Leverage PPI and other scoring mechanisms to identify and sort potential participants.

Ease of use & human centered design

Intuitive, fun, and easy design incentivizes quick adoption even if staff experience with mobile data collection is limited.

Individual and group surveys

Allows for one-on-one data collection as well as group data collection. (ex: Trainings, Co-Op Groups, Community Gatherings)

Actionable data in the hands of frontline workers

Actionable data empowers field staff to provide immediate care that is personalized to each participant's needs.

Positive/ negative deviance tracking

Configurable algorithm computes positive and negative deviance in participant performance to identify resource needs and oppportunities to adapt programming.

Progressive Indicator Tracking

Rich visualization of performance against indicators in real-time ensures ongoing interventions are targeted most effectively.

Notifications and alerts

Customize and build in real-time notifications and alerts for participant services, staff management, and important milestones.

Telescoping dashboards showcase trends and performance

View aggregate performance and drill down to individual outcomes to understand underlying issues and higher level trends.

Savings, income, ROI tracking

Progressive tracking incorporates complex qualitative and quantitative data to measure household/community improvement cumulatively and in a holistic manner over the course of your program.

Aggregated data to enable machine learning

Leverage aggregated data to fuel continuous learning and optimization, beyond human bandwidth.

Location analysis

Analyze population and program progress and outcomes across dimensions of your geographical hierarchy.

Pivot table to create your own custom visualizations

In case the visualizations already included in the dashboard are not enough, or you need to create last minute graphs for your report, easily drag and drop data points from any self-created survey. Create comparisons on the fly with bar charts, line graphs and data tables with the option to export.

Donor level dashboards

Ability to create unique and tailored donor dashboards to streamline donor reports and excite donors by providing birds-eye view of high-level impact in real-time.

Survey and team activity monitoring

Performance management visualizes program execution against the scheduled workflow throughout all phases of program delivery.

Staff responsibility monitoring

Alerts provide management with advance notice of atypical activity.

Team performance visualization

Ability to measure and monitor team performance and successes across large complex programs.

Program groups & workflows

Integrate program or RCT workflows directly in the platform, augmenting long-term analysis with fast-pace operational insights and lean analyses.

Intervention performance testing

Quickly and efficiently test multiple hypotheses and interventions across various subgroups

Export data to 3rd party analytics systems

Export data for rigorous econometric and statistical analysis.


All collected data is encrypted at the point of collection using a 2048-key encryption.

Data backups

Collected data is automatically backed up on all devices and the server ensuring data is not lost and secure.

Participant privacy

Secure data and customizable dashboard access ensures that sensitive information is appropriately accessed and viewed at the right management level.