Impact Atlas and IPA partner to advance research in poverty programs at scale

Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) is a research and policy nonprofit that discovers and promotes effective solutions to global poverty problems. IPA brings together researchers and decision-makers to design, rigorously evaluate, and refine these solutions and their applications, ensuring that the evidence created is used to improve the lives of the world’s poor.

In recent decades, trillions of dollars have been spent on programs designed to reduce global poverty, but clear evidence on which programs succeed is rare, and when evidence does exist, decision-makers often do not know about it. IPA exists to bring together leading researchers and these decision-makers to ensure that the evidence we create leads to tangible impact on the world. Since our founding in 2002, IPA has worked with over 600 leading academics to conduct over 830 evaluations in 52 countries. This research has informed hundreds of successful programs that now impact millions of individuals worldwide. 

Impact Atlas is a sector leading, digital platform to support comprehensive social service programs. With successful implementations with clients in Africa, the US, SE Asia, Central America, the Middle East, Europe, and the Caribbean, Impact Atlas specializes in programs that are delivered at the household level and include a basket of services from a variety of providers. Impact Atlas is the first of its kind to successfully digitize the complex ultra-graduation program, making the progress of each family participating visible to the entire network of partners, including donors.

Currently implemented with a variety of organizations across sectors, including financial services, education, health, and livelihood support, the Impact Atlas technology is primed for this moment of scale.

IPA has launched a multi-year partnership with Impact Atlas to advance the digital transformation of the social sector. Their partnership will simultaneously provide tech-enabled services to NGOs as well as high-quality real-time data for collective learnings.

IPA and Impact Atlas are excited to continue to fundraise together to further advance the field of research and collective learning through data and tech-enabled service delivery.

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