Impact Atlas incorporates The Self-Reliance Index for organizations measuring the progress of refugee households.

The Self-Reliance Index (SRI) is the first global tool for measuring the progress of refugee households toward self-reliance. The Self-Reliance Index was jointly developed by members of the Refugee Self-Reliance Initiative, with leadership from RefugePoint and Women’s Refugee Commission. The tool supports practitioners in designing and providing effective services and can be used to target populations for assistance, highlight service gaps, and inform funding priorities. Use of the SRI will help build an evidence base for enhancing refugee self-reliance opportunities.

Impact Atlas

Impact Atlas is a real-time intelligence platform optimizing operations and impact for social programs around the world. Personalized to each program, Impact Atlas brings transparency, learning, and improved program delivery for social programs globally.

Impact Atlas has incorporated the SRI directly into the technology platform to enable organizations to easily turn this survey on. Users are then able to deploy the survey and track submissions seamlessly across the impact atlas app and web participant profiles.

The SRI is available in English, Spanish, Arabic, French or Swahili, OR can be translated in the impact atlas translator tool into any language of your choice.

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